DAV Public School, Nahan
Sirmour, Himachal Pradesh
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Syllabus For Entrance Test  

Test Date-     All dates in March  2020; Time: 10.00 -11.00 A.M. Venue:  DAV Main wing

(Result on 30th March 2020; if selected get admission on or before 6th April 2020)

For IX Class

English:- Unseen Passage, Active/Passive, Article, Modal.

Maths:- Exponent and Radicals, Compound interest, Polynomial.

Science:- Refraction and dispersion of light, Crop production and its management, The Human eye, Reproduction in animals, Stars and Solar System, Metal and Non-Metal.

Social Science:- Education under British, The Union Government, Energy Resources (Conventional and Non-Conventional).

For X Class

English:- Unseen Passage, direct/Indirect speech, Preposition, Tense.

Maths:- Linear Equations in two variables, Probability, Surface area and volume.

Science:- Diversity in living organisms, Natural resources, Work, Power, Sound, Frequency, Wavelength, Atoms and molecules, Str. of the atom.

Social Science:- (History)-Section I; French Revolution. (Geography) – Physical features of India. (Economics) – Poverty as a challenge.

For XI Class

English:- Unseen Passage, formal letters, error correction, missing words, modal.

Maths:- Arithmetic progression, Trigonometry (height & Distance) Quadratic equation.

Science:- Reproduction in plants and animals, Heredity & Evolution, Our Environment, Carbon and its compounds, Periodic classification of elements, Refraction, Reflection of light, Human Eye, Scattering.

For XII Class

English:- Unseen Passage, Formal letters.

Maths:- Limits and Derivatives, sequence and series, straight lines.

Biology:- cell cycle and cell division; Plant physiology and Human physiology.

Physics:- Laws of motion, Inertia, momentum, concurrent forces, circular motion, Gravitation work, Energy and Power.

Chemistry:-States of matter, Equilibrium, Redox reactions.